Collection: Dockwalking Uniform

Order your fabulous new Crew HQ branded dockwalking uniform. Be instantly recognisable as yacht crew and improve your employment prospects.
Crew HQ Captain on Bridge

"I can now spot crew who are available for work on the dock..."

Crew HQ makes it easy for employers to recognise crew who are seeking work on the dock. Employers can also find and contact you directly from your crew profile online.

Order the uniform for unemployed crew and make it's easy for potential employers to know who is looking for work.

Order your Dockwalking Uniform

"I want people to instantly know that I'm available for work and then find me at the top of crew search results..."

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It's a competitive world out there and you need to make sure you take advantage of every oppoutunity.

It's important to be easily identified and then found online as immediately available for work.

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