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Crew HQ - Professional Membership

Crew HQ - Professional Membership

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Professional Crew HQ membership enables you view crew profiles, hire crew, download CV's and to contact professional crew directly for employment purposes.

Your Professional Membership will expire at the end of your billing period and we will contact you for renewal. Subscriptions will not recur automatically so please ensure you respond to our emails to keep your Professional Membership content and benefits..

Yacht crew register for free on Crew HQ and manage their professional profiles which you can view and use for employment purposes.

Premium Crew Members will be found at the top of crew search results and have colour profile pictures and the ability to upload more professional documentation, but all crew members are contactable directly.

With Crew HQ there are no agency commissions and our advanced crew search facility gives you the best chance of finding the perfect crew for your available jobs.

Update the roles you are recruiting for from your profile and add as many individual jobs to the website as you like. You can manage all your applicants in one place and always have the most recent contract information for your shortlisted crew.

  •  Hire Unlimited Crew Directly
  •  Pay No Additional Agency Fees - 0% Commission
  •  Post Unlimited Jobs
  •  Manage your Applicants in one place
  •  Shortlist Your Crew 
  •  Access CVs and References
  •  Use our Quick Call / Email or CV Download Feature
  •  Access Professional Crew Documentation and References
  •  Manage all your applicants in one easy to use place


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With Premium Crew Membership you get a Free Dockwalking T-Shirt. Simply add a couple to your cart when you buy Premium Membership and you get one free.

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